Friday, January 8, 2010

hey everyone! sorry it's been a while. i've been super busy the last few months! in september the animation team at Little Airplane finished up "The Wonder Pets!" season 3 and just a couple weeks later i moved onto storyboarding for a Wonder Pets special that Nick Jr. commissioned. after that, i worked on a traditional show in development doing clean-up in toom boom, started designing infant toys for Hasbro, Inc., then worked on an intense Flash project for a few weeks where i designed vector elements and created animation for four main characters to be re-used like walk cycles, idles, and jumps. next week i return to Little Airplane to animate on the special that i storyboarded on and am looking forward to it!

here's some new character design...

in november, i was asked to participate in a show at the gallery Genuine Artikle in Long Island, NY called "Who Framed Yeti Spaghetti", featuring work from artists about mythological creatures. here's the poster and my piece, "Goldilocks and the Three Yetis":

before taking on the Flash project i mentioned, i created a vectorized character and did a little animation test with him. here are some keyframes of him below:

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