Monday, May 28, 2012

Last summer, I was fortunate enough to be a part of a pilot episode for an upcoming math show for PBS kids, called Peg + Cat, created by Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson!  It turned out great, so gorgeous and super funny - check out the full episode and play some fun games here!

Here are the sequences I animated!

***artwork property of Peg + Cat, LLC/PBSkids***


My animation test for a series of shorts called, "Tobi!", seen on Treehouse Canada and Nickelodeon Australia.  Produced at Little Airplane Productions, I did clean up on a couple of the beautiful 4:00 episodes designed by Jennifer Oxley.

***artwork property of Little Airplane Productions***

The Wonder Pets! In the Land of Oz Storyboards

Here is the storyboard sequence for the Strawman's introduction in "The Wonder Pets!  In the Land of OZ!" along with some sketches I made during animation.

I also had the privilege of animating the Strawman's sequence!  Here's the clip below, shown at studio tours for quite a while!

***artwork property of nickelodeon/Little Airplane Productions***

The Wonder Pets! Tin Man Storyboard Sequence

Here is a sequence I storyboarded for "The Wonder Pets!  In the Land of OZ", a special double episode where Linny, Tuck & Ming Ming find themselves in OZ!  Below is the Tin Man's sequence, followed by some sketches I did during animation.

***property of nickelodeon/Little Airplane Productions***

Small Potatoes: "Playtime!" Storyboards

Here are my storyboards I made for the episode I guest directed of Small Potatoes.  "Playtime" that happens after school, this features a Beach Boys style music, which is awesome - they were my favorite childhood band!  You can view the finished episode here:

***artwork property of Little Airplane Productions***